Competition, Corporatization, Consumerism

Competition: Winning isn’t Everything
October 6, 2009 – March 21, 2010

Corporatization: A Persistent Lil’ System
December 17, 2009 – March 21, 2010

Consumerism: I Shop Therefore I Am?
February 15 – March 21, 2010

Liz Garlicki, I'm No. 2, 2008. Artist multiple.

CompetitionCorporatization, and Consumerism are three informally connected online exhibitions made temporarily available by an organization responsible for coordinating a large consumerism-focused event and all related sponsorship deals.

For reasons that are highly suspicious, my contract with the organization does not allow me to share with you the details of this exhibition in a manner that might be construed as promotional. This, apparently, has something to do with maintaining a uniform marketing strategy, but it also has something to do with making sure I do not benefit unduly from the perception that my temporary affiliation with the organization validates my work as a professional. Yeah, right.

As stated during contract discussions, I’m not all too concerned about benefiting from this project personally; I just want to get great, thoughtful work out there for more and more people to access. And so, for sake of information sharing, please find below scant details concerning these exhibitions inspired by the organization for which they were developed.

Featured artists in Competition:
Michael Coolidge (Montréal), Liz Garlicki (Winnipeg), Eliza Griffiths (Montréal), Angela Grossman (Vancouver), Craig Le Blanc (Calgary), Mitch Robertson (Toronto), John Scott (Toronto), and Leslie Supnet (Winnipeg).

Featured artists in Corporatization: Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge (Toronto), Susan Dobson (Guelph), Gathie Falk (Vancouver), Noam Gonick (Winnipeg), Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins (Toronto), Robyn Moody (Calgary), Juan Carlos Noria (Barcelona), and Leslie Supnet (Winnipeg).

Featured artists in Consumerism:
KC Adams (Winnipeg), Ian August (Winnipeg), David Buchan, Vera Frenkel (Toronto), Bernie Miller (Winnipeg), Shelley Miller (Montréal), Suzie Smith (Winnipeg/Glasgow), and Badanna Zack & Ian Lazarus (Toronto). More TBA.

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